They have been evacuated safely- Courtesy of the Young Muslim Association. But they are hungry, tired, ailing, no shelter and prone to many communicable diseases. They need urgent humanitarian support.

The Tana River is the longest and Permanent River in Kenya stretching about 800km.The River is an important source of water for several Counties in Kenya that it passes through, and a strong pillar of the socio-economic activities for particularly the Garissa County. 
Periodically, the River over flows mainly during the April to May long rains and November to December short rains causing a devastating destruction to the entire population that mainly depends on it for sustainability thus totally disorienting their livelihood. During the rain patterns the floods can stretch for about 6km from the river bank causing a lot of destruction e.g. displacement of the entire population, destruction of crops (farms), and widespread communicable diseases especially among the children, the women and the elderly.                

Although the floods has had devastating effect on all communities residing along the main Tana River, the most affect single group are the “Malakotes.” The group is normally categorized as Bantus (Pokomo) and they are predominantly Muslims. They live along Tana River and practice subsistence farming for their livelihood. The community is generally poor and their general living standard has seriously been affected by this periodic floods. This is considered one of the worst floods.
Following the current ongoing heavy rains particularly on the highlands of upper countries, the flat lands of the lower Tana have flooded heavily causing devastating effects never experienced before since the major El-Nino rains in 1997. As a result, thousands of families that used to depend on this major River for their socio-economic activities have been affected seriously. Among the major effects currently experienced are:-
1. Displacement of thousands of families (About 2000 families)
2. Lack of food for the affected families.
3. Lack of shelter for the affected families.
4. Lack of clothes for the affected families as their personal effects have been washed away by floods.
5. Lack medicines for the affected families due to water born diseases.
6. Lack of clean water and utensils for cooking.    

As one of its mandates the Association wishes to appeal to all well wishers and philanthropists to come forward and offer any possible humanitarian support either in cash or kind at this time of need. The appeal is prompted by the current dare situation at hand which has lead to humanitarian sufferings.
For over fifty years (50) years, the Young Muslim Association had played a leading role in supporting and uplifting the standard of living among the less privileged groups of our society. It has always commanded the trust of the people in its pursuit to serving the humanity without boundaries.
The organization has enough capacity in terms of human resource, strategies and experience in handling relief work and other related humanitarian crisis.
It is our humble appeal therefore to our well wishers to come to our urgent help before the current emergency situation goes out of hand as shown by the below desperate faces.



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